Regretfully, we inform you that Josh Haddon passed away February 5th, 2016 during his fight against cancer. This site will remain up as a tribute to him. Josh was planning to do something far more beneficial than raise money for the cancer machine. He was about to release a book to the world that would help cancer victims get through the difficult times a little easier. Josh had a big heart and will not be forgotten.
Josh Haddon
The Funny Thing About Cancer, by Josh Haddon

I’m So Fancy

I am about to start killing cancer.  The let me wear my hat. You know why right? Because I’m so fancy and they already knew. Fuck Cancer!

Fight Club inspired poem – 10 years old.

I was looking through an old, forgotten, unpublished blog of mine and found this Fight Club inspired poem. Seems pretty relevant today.  I stopped writing poetry years ago because I figured that’s not what men do. Boy, was I wrong. Men cry. Men love.  Men feel. I am Josh’s Sense of Self. I am Josh’s […]

The Ejaculate Conception

Apparently chemotherapy can make a man sterile.  So currently, I am on a Go Train to the hospital where they charge $300 for me to masterbate into a cup.  They then store that cup for me indefinitely for $240 a year.  I find it strange that although I only have a 5% chance of beating […]

The Funny Thing About Cancer…

Much to everyones (my Mom’s) dismay, I am working out the kinks to start a video blog (vlog) that attempts to bring you all the lighter side of cancer.  I am not a cancer expert, but I am very good at reading people and for the most part, people suck at dealing with someone who […]

Today’s quick funny things about cancer.

Today has been busy. Three media interviews?!?  I guess caner is topical? I am about to head downtown Toronto to get poked and prodded some more, before I head there I thought I would write a couple funny things going through my head: 1) I was thinking of pitching Seinfeld on a web spin off […]

Orders have been stopped until Josh's book is published.