Regretfully, we inform you that Josh Haddon passed away February 5th, 2016 during his fight against cancer. This site will remain up as a tribute to him. Josh was planning to do something far more beneficial than raise money for the cancer machine. He was about to release a book to the world that would help cancer victims get through the difficult times a little easier. Josh had a big heart and will not be forgotten.
Josh Haddon
The Funny Thing About Cancer, by Josh Haddon

Just A Simple Update.

I don’t want sympathy comments, just you all to reflect.  Today was my worst day physically and emotionally since the beginning of my cancer challenge and I still managed to take my ten year old sister for ice cream and have lunch with my Mom.  Cherish the small moments.  The swirling bullshit isn’t worth it.  […]

New Video Coming.

Sorry it is taking so long to get my next one up. 2015 has been so busy and fun. I feel so absolutely blessed despite the cancer :). See you all tonight or tomorrow with a new video.  Have a great Sunday.  If you want to stalk me come to one of my social media […]

The ugly wall in my videos.

So if you have watched my videos you can see that the wall behind me is disgustingly ugly. After some people have reached out, I thought we could make it fun.  Send me some stuff guys!  A hand drawn pic, nudes, macaroni necklaces etc. Josh Haddon 88 Clover Ridge Drive WEST Ajax, Ontario, Canada L1S […]

I Am Making My Book A Reality.

So after weeks of writing funny anecdotes about cancer and taking to people in a similar situation about my idea; I have decided to take the first step in publishing and distributing my book The Funny Thing About Cancer.  Too many people, like me, have walked into a bookstore after being diagnosed with cancer and […]

So this is Christmas…

My favorite Christmas joke I’ve heard so far: By Cameron Doig – ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.  So I’m hanging out with the Ferguson police force.’ Now that that’s out of the way.  I just want to wish everyone who’s been following my journey a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas surrounded by […]

Coming Soon: The Funny Thing About Cancer Book.

The Funny Thing About Cancer Book. This is a self-published book that will be distributed to cancer centers across North America for free. Please check out my crowd funding page and please spare some change. If everyone who reads this blog just gave $2, it would be funded in two days. To those who have […]

Merry Christmas Video is up!

Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope today was filled with friends, family, laughter and love.  My Christmas video is below.  Thanks for all the support! The Funny Thing About Cancer Episode 4. Merry Christmas:

Orders have been stopped until Josh's book is published.