Regretfully, we inform you that Josh Haddon passed away February 5th, 2016 during his fight against cancer. This site will remain up as a tribute to him. Josh was planning to do something far more beneficial than raise money for the cancer machine. He was about to release a book to the world that would help cancer victims get through the difficult times a little easier. Josh had a big heart and will not be forgotten.
Josh Haddon
The Funny Thing About Cancer, by Josh Haddon

Make Sure Future-YOU, Respects Now-YOU.

Today I was confronted with a dilemma. Someone had gone out of their way to lie about who I am, to make matters worse, they did this publicly.  I was mad, really mad even,  for about 3 minutes. Then it hit me; the bullies will always be there.  The people who hate you will always […]

Vote For Windsor!

My Letter Published In The Windsor Star John Liedtke’s premise that a MP’s voting record doesn’t matter is simply nonsense. Why else is a local MP who is paid $160,000/year, sent to Ottawa, if not to represent his own riding? Brain Masse has put partisan politics in favour of his NDP Quebec Majority caucus, before the […]

Disney’s Foresight

DIsney’s Foresight There is a comic strip from the 1950’s that depicts Disney character Scrooge McDuck driving a flatbed truck full of money.  Something occurs that makes the money blow all over town, hundreds of millions of dollars. The citizens are running all over the town of Duckburg snatching up the bills and becoming millionaires […]

Lessons From Lesser Leaders

We’ve all been on some sort of a team.  Sports teams, project teams, sales teams, customer service teams; W5H clubs, committees, event planners etc. All of the teams you have been a part of had someone who was the leader.  Appointed or not, there most definitely was an individual who steered the ship so to […]

Orders have been stopped until Josh's book is published.