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The Funny Thing About Cancer, by Josh Haddon

Cheer Someone Up Today!

I posted this video today, enjoy!–Rzdnd9Vc
A stranger (Naomi Myhre pictured at the top of this post) found this video I madeĀ… and wrote the song that is playing in the video for me.

Such an amazing act of kindness really got me thinking about all the not so amazing things I have done in the past 30 years. Doing my best every day to be a better person.

Pay it forward.

Naomi’s YouTube if you like the song:

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    Lance gore


    My eyes are wet , I remember when we met in Edmonton , years ago and you and I have shared many awesome times , push ups on the street for cigarettes , shooting gators in the garage , Banff , danger beers , made lots of $ together , many steak and egg adventures , I still laugh when I think of the customers in the place on 118th , the time u took the guitar from the busker and showed him how to hustle $ , the drama with Mikey , your driving , your stories , l loved the ones of your grandfather that u still carry in your heart , , the love you have for your sisters , the times you helped me deal with being away from my family , you are a great man and inspire all of us , we love you Josh


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