Regretfully, we inform you that Josh Haddon passed away February 5th, 2016 during his fight against cancer. This site will remain up as a tribute to him. Josh was planning to do something far more beneficial than raise money for the cancer machine. He was about to release a book to the world that would help cancer victims get through the difficult times a little easier. Josh had a big heart and will not be forgotten.
Josh Haddon
The Funny Thing About Cancer, by Josh Haddon

Your Life, Mood and Mindset…all Malleable.

Warning: I wrote this on my phone,  I am little passionate right now. Just walked in the door after a 8 hour day lol. Poured a drink, uploading this with no edits. Enjoy. After being told by my oncologist 7 weeks ago that my recent tests showed I now had what they call ‘Incurable Metastatic […]

Cheer Someone Up Today!

I posted this video today, enjoy!–Rzdnd9Vc A stranger (Naomi Myhre pictured at the top of this post) found this video I made… and wrote the song that is playing in the video for me. Such an amazing act of kindness really got me thinking about all the not so amazing things I have done […]

New Video. New Tattoo. New Chemo.

I posted a new video for The Funny Thing About Cancer YouTube series, which just hit 100,000 views! When I first posted a video I thought I would get maybe 100 or so views on each, the response has been amazing.  You can check out the new video by clicking here. I got a new […]

Writing Y’all From Lisbon, Portugal!

Josh Haddon, the author of this book, found out about a month ago that his cancer has spread a ton and is now considered ‘incurable’ by multiple of the best cancer doctors in Canada. He set out on a European adventure a couple weeks ago and hopes to stretch his budget to stay until Christmas. […]

Preface – The Funny Thing About Cancer

Here is a sneak peak, the preface, of The Funny Thing About Cancer. Preface I’m going to start by saying that I am a die hard Toronto Maple Leafs fan. I have been for years. After decades of training in the art of accepting bad news and ultimately loss, I am certain this contributed to […]

I won April Fools Day 2015!

So I started my day off with a Facebook post that said: Doctor just called!  I am cancer free!!  (More info in the comments) The best part of this post is that the first comment was from me, informing everyone that I was just kidding.  However, many people don’t care enough to read the comment […]


When it comes to cancer related ‘well-wishes’, we have all had someone say something completely outrageous to us. Something that makes you shake your head hard, like you have water stuck in your ear. In speaking to other cancer fighters, I am finding more and more that this is a topic people want discussed. As […]

The Day God Swiped Left On Me

So I’ve been asked by many people when my book ‘The Funny Thing About Cancer’ will finally be available. I try to answer honestly and without sounding like I’m making excuses. When I set out to create this for other who are fighting cancer I thought it would be pretty simple. I am a writer, […]

Orders have been stopped until Josh's book is published.